” When Life gives you hundreds of reason to die, it also gives you one good reason to live. Use the ray of hope as rope, don’t stop the eternal fire in you, climb the life mountain. In the top, there it is, the success which we can cherish. “

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Lies 😶

I hear few lies,People tell and flies. Some lies are totally rude,Some lies are actually good.Some lies became awful in forum,Some lies became beautiful in poem. Why people lie, oh mother earth;You created everyone wise and gave them birth. ©️ words of tharun 2020

Music Everywhere ♥️

Music takes me high, And there I’m at sky. Music gives me wings, And there the angel sings. Rhythm is in the air, people everywhere. Hear me once or screw me once, give my song a little dance. ©️ words of tharun 2020

Love 🖤

Felt your care everywhere in the time I despair, sensed your scent every moment all the place I went, heard your voice, made me rejoice. You made my woes away, even though you are miles away. Remembered your love, my gorgeous dove. ©️ words of tharun 2020

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